How people react to human purpose

Attempt to inspire people to pursue human purpose.

Internet Ghosts

I heard a very interesting point few days ago. It’s about being personal, whenever you find something interesting on the internet, let the author know what you think about their post/video/photo. You will loose 2-10 seconds of your time, but you…

Don't preach to me

One of the unspoken rules of modern western society is that nobody should preach to anybody else. Why not? Because we assume ourselves to be smarter than the person who is preaching to us and we should understand that our philosophy…

Trap of being productive and professional

This is a big thing today; many people want to be as productive as possible – at least in the western world! But productivity can be a deadly trap. Read on to see why. Let’s see what the 3 guys are thinking…

The miracle of self control

Self control is a weird term. ‘Coz if we are just a bunch of atoms, who is controlling whom? Why are we in conflict with ourselves?

Death regrets

Death regrets – Let’s ask our three guys what they think about death regrets. Inspiration for this article came from a Guardian article  I recently read. That article talks about a nurse who spent several years caring for patients in the last 12…

Scratch the hungry man

Most people have similar basic desires. And those are to have a home, stability, security and health. Also majority of people want relationships, friends etc. There is only one problem.

Killer inside

Have you ever considered that we are living with a killer all our life? Either we will subdue this killer and bring it under our control, or he will literally kill us!